4 Great Summer Plumbing Tips

The weather is getting warmer, and in Southern Arizona, that means triple digits. That heat can spell trouble for your pipes, but with these simple summer plumbing tips, we can get you through the hot weather.

1. Save money. Save energy.

Planning a summer vacation? Don’t forget to turn the temperature of your water heater down. Turn the temperature of your fridge up for even for more savings. These are items you won’t be using, so while you’re away, there’s no reason to pay.

2. Save your ceiling

Summer in Tucson means monsoons. Heavy rains, heat, and humidity can be a recipe for disaster for ceiling and ducts. The humidity can cause condensation to form on your ductwork, which can cause back up if your drains aren’t clear. Leaks in the seams can also cause condensation. If you have an attic installation, you should make sure there is no water in the drain pan. If there is, it’s time to call a plumber. That call could save your ceiling.

3. Washing Machine Care

Your washing machine gets more use during the summer season. Being outdoors, getting sweaty, and your usual summer activities all add up to more clothes being washed. So, be sure to check the hoses on your machine for bulges, leaks, or cracks. Washing machine hoses usually have a three-year life expectancy, so if it’s been close to that, you’ll want to be extra vigilant.
Also make sure that you keep your washer and dryer about four inches away from the wall. This prevents kinking and damage to your hoses, so you can get as much use as possible out of them.

4. Disposal don’ts!

We’ve covered this before, but during the summer season, it’s even more vital to be kind to that disposal! Stringy foods like celery, corn husks and the worst offender, banana peels, will wreak havoc on your sink. Grease and cooking oil are also not friendly to your pipes. Not only do they cause clogs and pipe damage, but the gunky, gross build up is a favored food for roaches. Just don’t do it. Pour that grease in a can and toss it in your trash to avoid the long list of problems it causes in your drain. And don’t forget: sticky, starchy foods like potatoes (even the instant kind), rice, pasta, and eggshells can gum up the works in your disposal. Throw those scraps in the trash, and only use your disposal for the bits that get past your sink trap.

Hopefully these tips will help you beat the heat keep the plumber away this summer season, but when in doubt, give us a call at Curtis Plumbing. We’ve been here for over forty summers in Tucson, and we can help answer all your questions and keep you up and running through the warmer months.

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