4 interesting plumbing facts & trivia

Plumbing can seem like a boring or tedious topic at times. In fact, the only time many of our customers talk about plumbing is when something goes wrong. But we’re about to make plumbing a topic you’ll want to know more about. Just check out this plumbing facts & trivia for five nifty facts that we bet you didn’t know!

1. The Garbage Disposal was a Labor of Love

It was 1927; architect John Hammes was sitting in his kitchen as his wife clean up after dinner. He took note of how she had to wrap food scraps up in newspaper and dispose of them in the trash. Suddenly, inspiration stuck! What if there was a way to cut food into tiny pieces so that it would just go down the drain without having to deal with any sticky mess? His wife’s days of toiling over food scraps would be over! Working in his basement, Hammes spent years perfecting his invention, which he dubbed, “The InSinkerator.” Thus, the garbage disposal was born.

2. The First Indoor Toilet is Older than You Think

In 1596, Queen Elizabeth I needed something more sophisticated than a chamber pot for her royal business. To meet her needs, the Queen’s godson, poet Sir John Harrington invented the first indoor water closet! Not exactly a modern bathroom, this ancestor of the modern-day toilet shared many of the same feature, including a flush!

3. This Guy Really Knows the Plumbing Game

The world’s most famous, most recognizable plumber is Italian-American plumber and he lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. You guessed it! It’s none other than Mario, the famous character from the classic video game.

4. Did Thomas Crapper Really Invent the Modern Toilet?

Believe it or not, this one is really true. In the 1880’s Thomas Crapper’s plumbing company popularized the modern flush toilet. He used a siphon system to empty the tank which came to replace the earlier system that used a floating valve. These were more prone to leaks than Thomas Crapper’s marvelous design.

5. The Toilet Bowl Myth

It’s one of the the biggest plumbing myths in the world: If you visit Australia, when you flush the toilet, the water will swirl the opposite direction because you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. It would be kind of nifty if this one were true, but alas, it’s just a myth. The water in your toilet swirls in the direction the jets are pointed. So it can swirl in either direction, in either hemisphere.

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