Running Toilet: Curtis’s Tips to fix it yourself

The sound of a running toilet is more than annoying; it’s costly. What you’re hearing is the sound of water being wasted and your water bill rocketing skyward. Fortunately, this can be a fairly simple repair you can do at home in most cases. Just follow these tips to try and fix a running toilet yourself, or give us a call at 520-323-7697 if you still need some help.

The Defective Flapper

The flapper is the “thingamabob” that opens and closes the valve that leads from the tank to the toilet bowl. If the flapper isn’t working, water can keep leaking into the bowl, wasting water and running up your bill. This could be caused by a few things, such as a chain that is too short. The chain could also possibly be caught on another piece of plumbing in your toilet. A chain that is too long can also present problems as this can limit the volume of your flush. Adding links to the chain or taking them away as necessary can be a quick and simple way to stop the leakage.

Check Your Float

The float is the part in your toilet tank that shuts off the water intake when it reaches a specific height. But if the float is set above the level of the overflow tube, the shutoff height cannot be reached and water will continue to drain into the toilet. The fix for this is simple: just adjust the float to a lower position. many toilets have markings on them to indicate the fill line, and you only need to adjust the float to it. If there is no marking, just set the float to about an inch below the overflow tube.

Look for Worn-Out Parts

Checked the obvious problems for that running toilet and still coming up empty? It’s possible that your valve has simply worn out and no longer stops water from coming into the tank. In this case, it won’t matter how many times you adjust the float and flapper. Your toilet will continue to run. To fix this, buy a new valve and replace it.
Flappers can also wear out and develop cracks over time. This allows water to leak through, and causes your toilet to run. Swapping out this part for a new one is simple to do though.

Can’t fix that running toilet? Give us a call

Still having problems with a running toilet? It might be time to give a professional a call. There are times when even the most determined do-it-yourselfer needs a hand with plumbing repairs. In the end, an experienced plumber can save money and water.

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