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Going into their 20th year of business, encouraged by their sons, Bill and Cheryl made numerous decisions to promote the company from a “Mom & Pop” business, to a professional top of the line service company. Several new and used vehicles were added to the fleet, and all vehicles were completely refurbished and painted using the new company colors: burgundy, black, and gold. The trucks were outfitted with aluminum shelves and plastic bins for stock, to allow for uniform stocking between service trucks.

Since that time, efforts have been made to train and employ personnel who are willing to be a part of a winning team. The Curtis’ two sons became more active in the business, and in 1998 became Co-Vice Presidents. Our priority is to maintain top quality and efficiency over numerical growth. We do not wish to compromise quality to become the largest service plumbing company in Tucson.

The Curtis’ investigated various options to expand the facilities located on Kleindale. The purchase of surrounding property was unsuccessful, and the expense of building on raw property proved to be cost prohibitive. In the summer of 1999, Harley located a suitable facility at 4281 E. Tennessee. The property was purchased, the existing office space remodeled, and a mezzanine was installed for storage. The property is 2 1/2 acres and should serve any future needs of Curtis Plumbing.

In October 2006, Harley Curtis left Curtis Plumbing as an employee and started his own business testing backflow assemblies.

The most recent investment the Curtis’ have made was to purchase, build and install a Septic Dewatering system in 2009. This has become a big part of working in the septic tank pumping area. We are now able to process the waste rather than paying the county or the competition to do so.

As the years pass, Bill and Cheryl are looking at a succession plan. Ken (Fes) Curtis intends to carry on with operating the business. Bill and Cheryl remain active with the company to date, and depending on their health, they will hold a less active role in the years to come.

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