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We Explain Why You May Not Be Getting Enough Hot Water in Tucson

Most of our everyday tasks include hot water, from showering to doing laundry to dishwashing. Read on to learn why your hot water has been running out sooner than usual. If you have a water heater or other plumbing emergency, contact Curtis Plumbing in Tucson, AZ for swift and reliable service.


Using a Small Water Heater Too Often


When your house is full of guests or you’re doing more laundry than usual, it’s normal to run out of hot water. If the problem persists, your current water heater may be insufficient for your household’s needs. Consider speaking with a professional plumber about the appropriate water heater size for your property.


Rust and Sediment


Your water heater is prone to rust and sediment build-up if it is old or if you reside in an area with hard water. Sediment might collect at the bottom of the tank, causing problems with heating. Sediment is most likely to blame if your water is lukewarm or becoming brown. To avoid this problem, the tank should be drained once a year to remove any silt. Your tank is likely damaged and will need to be replaced if rust is the cause. Water heaters should be changed every ten years on average.


Dip Tube Issues


The dip tube’s job is to transport cold water to the tank’s bottom. The tube keeps hot and cold water separate. If the tube breaks, cold water leaks into the hot water reservoir, decreasing the temperature significantly.


Water Heater Repair in Tucson


If you are not getting the hot water you need, reach out to Curtis Plumbing for water heater repair in Tucson. We service all types of gas and electric water heaters and can solve complex issues that range from failed heating elements to sediment buildup. Our plumbing diagnostics will pinpoint the trouble and we will let you know if we can perform water heater repair or if a new water heater installation is necessary, which we can also complete, including tankless water heater installation. To learn more about our nearby plumbers that have served the community since 1973, or to request an estimate from an experienced plumber in Tucson, give us a call at (520) 323-7697. We’ll be there when you need us!

How To Handle a Plumbing Problem in Tucson

With these suggestions, you’ll learn how to keep calm and prevent inflicting further harm to your possessions during an emergency. If your plumbing situation requires the help of a professional, contact Curtis Plumbing in Tucson, AZ.

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