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24/7 Help line 520-323-7697
24/7 Help line 520-323-7697

Pipe repair

Emergency plumbing situations can threaten to do extensive damage to your property or even endanger your health or safety. Emergency plumbing situations in Tucson include (but are not limited to) gushing leaks, complete plumbing stoppage to the entire house, and gas leaks from corroded or broken gas lines.

As fate would have it, plumbing emergencies usually happen at night or on weekends. This is very stressful for most folks, so we have Service Techs on call to assist our clients. When a customer calls Curtis Plumbing for emergency plumbing repair, we will help the customer discern how to handle the emergency. We can assist them with a temporary resolution, if warranted and/or dispatch a service tech and take care of the emergency portion of the job. We then can schedule the balance of the work during regular working hours. This will save money and a lot of anxiety.

If you suspect you have a water line that is broken, you should first locate the shut-off valve between the fixture and the break. If you can not find such an “in-line” shut-off valve, you can shut off the water at your main supply valve. In the event that you cannot locate or physically cannot turn the water off, we can arrange for the utility company to come out and turn off the water at no charge. We will also be willing to dispatch a technician, however nights and weekends are at overtime rates. We will do our best to help you over the phone or on site, 24-7.

Unclogging Blocked Drains

One of the “emergency situations” we deal with most is blocked drains. Often times our customers believe that blocked drains can escalate into an emergency situation, and they want to get those blockages cleared right away before something more serious comes to pass.

Kitchen Drains sometimes become clogged with greases or foods, and boiling hot water can sometimes clear out those blockages or you can try plunging. If the drain is completely blocked, contact Curtis Plumbing.

If the toilet and tub or shower are affected, it may be a main line blockage either under the house or going out to the county/city sewer line. Some suggestions:

  • Do not let any more water or waste go down the drain of any of the fixtures. Do not flush the toilet!
  • If you know where your sewer clean out is located, you can remove the cap, to prevent sewage from backing up into the house. You may have to do a little digging if the cleanouts are not up to grade.
  • You can contact Pima County and request cleanout records for your address M-F 8:00-4:00 @ 740-6606. Curtis Plumbing will call for records if you contact us.

Gas Leaks

  • Make sure that you remove yourself and others from the area.
  • If a major leak, contact Southwest Gas. They will turn your gas off at the meter, and possibly lock it, to prevent any use until repairs or re-piping has been completed.
  • Contact Curtis Plumbing. They will dispatch a service tech to repair the line, or give you an estimate to repipe the gas line.

No matter what kind of emergency plumbing repair you need, you can give us a call if you find yourself in over your head. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to perform more advanced emergency plumbing repairs because a do-it-yourselfer refused to give up when they should have.