Garbage Disposal Repair Tucson

Curtis Plumbing offers garbage disposal maintenance and repair in Tucson, Arizona. Curtis Plumbing has been in business in Tucson, Arizona for more than 40 years. We are a family owned and operated local business. With decades of experience Curtis Plumbing can offer both garbage disposal repair and new installation of all the top brands. Most homeowners know that your garbage disposal can suffer from a myriad of problems like clogged pipes, disposal jams, or even burned out motors. Many times fixing your disposal can involve a lot of guesswork. Let Curtis Plumbing handel this for you. Not only will we fix your problem, but we can help you with some common tips to help take care of your disposal.    

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

  • Keep your disposal clean, run your disposal with a little soap and cold running water for about a minute after heavy use. This will allow your disposal time to clear out any food stuff that might be stuck. 
  • You can’t put anything down the disposal even large animal bones can sometimes be too much for a disposal. Also keep large amounts of food items like spaghetti or rice away from the drain as they can expand and cause your drain to clog. 
  • Grind a few ice cubes. Small ice cubes are enough to knock out any food stuff that might be left in your unit without harming it. 
  • My garbage disposal is not working! Check the bottom of your unit there will be a red or black button. This button is the reset switch and in some cases will fix any problems you are having, but be careful if it keeps getting tripped or your unit is making a “funny” noise then you might have an obstruction and running the unit could burn out the motor. 

Tucson AZ Garbage Disposal Service

We proudly offer service throughout Tucson. If you have any issues with pipes, drains, water heaters, or your disposal unit please give us a call. In the vast majority of cases we have the tools and parts on hand to fix most plumbing problems that day. This way there will be no follow up appointments or need to reschedule. At Curtis Plumbing we appreciate your business and time. It is our guarantee that you’ll love the service.