Water Line Repair and Leaking Pipes

Curtis Plumbing offers a full range of services related to water and sewer line leak detection, as well as pipe repair and new pipe installation in Tucson. We can run new main water supply lines from your meter to your house, replacing old corroded galvanized pipes. Our service technicians can also replace old and corroded copper piping inside your house, or run new lines in your house if you are remodeling or building a new house. We can patch small leaks or large leaks that can happen as a result of corroded pipes or freezing. While many desert dwellers do not think to winterize their exposed hose pipes and evaporative cooler lines, it is actually important to do so. Standing water left in exposed lines can freeze in the cold desert winter nights causing the line to expand and crack. You might wake up to water spraying off of your roof or gushing on your patio. We can winterize your exposed pipes and lines to prevent this from occurring.

Temporary Waterline Connections

In the event that you are without water service, Curtis Plumbing can run a commercial grade hose from the meter to the house, allowing for temporary water service.

Not only can we work on leaky water lines and leaking pipes, we can also repair and replace sewer lines. Many of the sewer lines connected to Tucson’s sewer system are extremely old. We can replace these lines and pipes, and also install clean-outs if you do not have them already. Not sure what that problem might be? Have us come take a look. We even offer video camera inspection.

Water and Sewer Line Replacement

Water and sewer lines aren’t really something any of us think about until something goes wrong and they need to be repaired. The problems could start when you hear a gurgling in your sinks or toilets. You might even see a sinkhole form in your yard that has an odor to it.

Why Do Sewer Lines Fail?

Nothing lasts forever, sewer pipes included. The older they get, the more you are bound to have some sort of problem with them. If they were installed properly, however, they are designed to last about 100 years. Unfortunately, for ones that are made of clay tile or steel, they may only last from 50 to 60 years.

Sewer pipes can become clogged with things such as which can lead to deterioration of pipes over time. Similarly, tree roots can get into your water and sewer pipes, clogging them up completely.

Your water pipes can also burst after time due to rot. If you start noticing an odor or start to see patches in your lawn that are wet, this may mean it’s time to re-pipe your sewer lines. The price for the repair depends on how extensive the damage has become, so it’s better to deal with water and sewer line replacement sooner rather than later.

Hiring a Tucson Re-piping Professional

Plumbers can re-pipe water and sewer lines for you. But because this is a considerable repair, you don’t necessarily want to accept the lowest bid and then have to worry about the same problem 5 years down the road. You want quality work done right the first time.

It’s hard for a plumber to give you an estimate over the phone, as they need to inspect the problem area to better assist you. The first thing you need to do is schedule a time for them to take a look at your water lines.

Ways to Prevent Sewer and Water Pipe Leaks

There are a few ways to prevent water and sewer line problems from happening in the first place:

  • Locate the sewer lines and then keep landscaping such as trees and flowers away from the area, as roots will eventually seep into the lines
  • Keep vehicles away from the sewer lines, as the weight could crush your piping.
  • Don’t flush things down your toilet that aren’t human waste, such as cat litter, nail polish remover, tampons, sanitary napkins, or diapers
  • Don’t flush grease down your toilet or sinks. Instead, pour old grease in a container, such as a can, and put it in the trash.