Fixtures and Faucet Installation and Repair

Are you in need of new fixtures and faucet installation or repair? All service trucks at Curtis Plumbing are stocked with multiple faucet options, as well as disposals, and a water heater. Our friendly, well-trained technicians can repair or replace your fixture quickly and cleanly. Sometimes the fixture or faucet just needs to be cleaned or have internal parts replaced. The sand and debris in the water lines, as well as the calcium and chemicals in the water, build up in the fixtures. Curtis Plumbing carries a large supply of replacement seats, stems, cartridges, and aerators for faucets and valves. Our standard stock will competently handle toilet, tub, and shower repairs. We stock numerous types of shut off valves on the truck, to make sure you can turn the water off, in the event of an emergency leak. We can check your water pressure and install a pressure reducing valve if needed. This could prevent blowing out supply lines at night when the water pressure is at its highest PSI.

Curtis Plumbing can recommend several showrooms where you can shop for faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, hot water dispensers, toilets, bathtubs, bidets, etc. Just have the showroom record your “wish list” and we will get everything ordered, picked up, and installed at your convenience. You name it, Curtis Plumbing can do it!

Tucson Fixtures and Faucets

A Faucet is a tap that is controlled by a valve. Faucets control the release of fluids or gases. Fixtures comprise the complete plumbing units used in homes and buildings, such as flush toilets, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, or showers. Both fixtures and faucets may need repair or replacement at some point. These repairs can be relatively easy in some cases, but in others, they can be quite tricky and best left to a plumbing professional. Curtis Plumbing is capable of handling any issues you might have.

Faucet Repair in Tucson

The most common faucet problem is that it drips. Drips can be from worn seats, valves or washers or a damaged cartridge. If the washer, or seal, is not working correctly, water will seep out. Many times people ignore such drips – unaware of the monetary cost over time, or the real potential for a full-blown emergency. Depending on the exact nature of the problem, it is always safest to have a licensed Tucson plumber take a look at the leak and determine what is required for a proper repair.

How to Repair Plumbing Fixtures

Most fixtures have a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will send you replacement cartridges if they cover such under their warranty. Keep a record of newly-installed faucets and fixtures, as there is a diverse amount of brands and styles. The homeowner has to directly contact the manufacturer for replacement parts under warranty.

Fixtures and Faucets