Water Pressure Regulators

Similar to a human body’s blood pressure, your home or business premises’ water pressure should be neither too low nor too high. The building code and plumbing experts recommend a water pressure of around 60 PSI (pounds per square inch). Typically, it should be between 55
and 75 PSI.

Installing a water pressure regulator, also known as a pressure-reducing valve (PRV), helps avoid inconsistent water pressure damaging your plumbing system, including water pipes and related fixtures. The device helps regulate water pressure from the city’s main water supply for safe and efficient use.

Why You Should Have a Water Pressure Regulator Installed

Water pressure varies from one place to another or from one building to the next depending on elevation and water demand in a neighborhood. Generally, water pressure drops during peak hours or when everyone is using water and rises when demand is low. These inconsistencies in the city’s mains ultimately lead to significant wear and tear on your water pipes and fixtures. 

By managing your water pressure, a PRV helps:

  • Reduce water wastage 
  • Conserve energy 
  • Saves money
  • Avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs and related costs  

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Low Water Pressure

With low water pressure, you get a slow trickle of water, and it could take you forever to take a shower, clean, or wash the dishes. Besides increasing the time you take on these everyday tasks, low water pressure increases the amount of water you use to perform them. Some of the common causes of low water pressure include:

  • Old and leaking pipes 
  • Outdated fixtures
  • Faulty or obsolete water pressure regulator
  • Improper pipe sizing, especially after remodeling
  • Malfunctioning shut-off valves 

High Water Pressure

While low water pressure makes it difficult to do simple everyday tasks, high pressure can lead to expensive damages to your pipes and other plumbing fixtures. Essentially, the high pressure causes pipe joints to break and valves to leak. 

Besides requiring costly repairs, the damages lead to high water bills. Some of the signs of high water pressure in your home or business premises include:

  • Loud hammering sounds in your pipes
  • Recurring leaks in your plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Malfunctioning plumbing fixtures
  • Dripping faucets
  • Moist areas in your walls or ceilings due to leaks or drips

Considering the amount of damage high water pressure can cause, it is essential to have a professional plumber install a water pressure regulator in your home or business premises.

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While you can read online about installing or repairing water pressure regulators, it is not as simple as it seems. Essentially, it is not a DIY project, and you need the assistance of a professional plumber or a PRV expert. As the premier Tucson plumbing company, Curtis Plumbing has provided expert services, including installing and maintaining water pressure regulators in countless homes. Contact us today for all your water pressure problems and any other Tucson plumbing issues.