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Are you looking for Tucson septic tank services? Look no further than Curtis Plumbing. Curtis Plumbing provides premiere septic service in Tucson and has been doing so for over 40 years. Our septic services in Tucson cover a wide range of issues, and we can diagnose and repair just about any problem your septic system might have. We pump, maintain, and repair septic systems as well as install new septic tanks and leach fields. For the sale of properties, we will pump and certify the septic systems.

We can call PDEQ and request records for $25.00, or in the event that there are no records, we can electronically locate your tank. We own and operate our own Septic Dewatering System. Created in 2009, this state of the art facility allows us to offer competitive pricing by eliminating the need for a middle man to process the waste. Our fleet includes three well-maintained septic pump trucks, as shown here.

Septic Repair Tucson

Tucson Septic Service – System Inspections

Inspecting a septic system can help determine what its condition is and to make sure it’s working properly; however, it’s not easy to do this, as most of the system is underground. Curtis Plumbing can check the system by excavating the inspection ports of the tank, making sure that the baffle tees are in place, and cleaning the filters if needed. Our techs can run water into the leach field to make sure that it is accepting liquid properly.

What do our customers say about our Tucson septic service?

Great Company! My septic spit up junk all over my bathtub because I hadn’t pumped it in years. Not only did they come out on the weekend to immediately give it a short-term fix, but the office manager answered all of my septic questions.

They were very nice and professional, and knew what they were doing. They didn’t waste any time getting to work in our 100 degrees plus temperatures, and they even gave us a Senior Citizen discount. I was also happy that they cleaned up all their work, and left my backyard looking just like it did before they did the dig up.


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Ready to get started? Give us a call at 520-323-7697. We also offer emergency septic repair in Tucson, so don’t worry about calling after business hours. Want to read more reviews first? No problem – just click this link and see why our customers love us.