Video Camera Plumbing Inspection

Curtis Plumbing owns a high-end state-of-the-art plumbing camera and offers video camera plumbing inspections. We have the equipment that can be used to explore your drains and detect problems. Please contact us for camera inspection prices. The charge includes narrated video, electronic locating and marking above ground, and a copy of the video upon request.

Plumbing problems often result from some sort of blockage in your sewer lines that lead to drain back-ups. Visual inspection of underground sewer lines via video camera technology is now possible to determine the condition of your underground pipes.

Why Get A Video Camera Plumbing Inspection?

How is this done? First, our experts use flexible fiber optic cables with a high-resolution camera installed at the tip of that cable for our video camera plumbing inspection services. As the fiber optic cable is inserted into the pipe, the waterproof camera records its findings. Video images are relayed back to the camera operator. The operator then makes an informed decision about the type of problem that exists.

The formal inspection can also be recorded and kept as a permanent record, which allows you and your Tucson plumbing professional to look back over time if other problems arise in the future.

Blockage Reasons

There are many reasons for drain sewer line blockages. One cause is due to tree roots. Other reasons are that the lines have been crushed, cracked, or even punctured by settling earth. If those pipes have been installed incorrectly, this can also lead to blockages. Video camera line inspections help determine the causes for your specific blockage. If the results of your video camera line inspection show that all you need is a simple rooter job or even cleaning of your sewer lines, you can arrange this with your local Tucson plumber. Subsequently, your provider should perform another inspection to ensure the problem was solved. If you suspect a blockage, you can call Curtis Plumbing to find out how to schedule a video camera line inspection. We will be able to assist you with all available options for this type of inspection.