Curtis Plumbing

Curtis Plumbing is a full service plumbing company that can do simple plumbing jobs like changing a faucet or installing a garbage disposal to more complex projects like repiping a house or installing a new septic system. We keep the best stocked work trucks in Tucson so many repairs and jobs can be handled in one visit, on the same day you call. We only employ experienced, knowledgeable service technicians who can take the stress and guess work out of your plumbing situation. We also offer an annual prepaid service agreement. Let us know if you’d like further information about our annual services.

There are many reasons why you need plumbing services in Tucson. Whether you need residential plumbing services, including kitchen and bath plumbing, professional Tucson plumbing services can fix just about any leak or squeaky faucet. While you can make some repairs yourself, there are times when hiring a professional Tucson plumber is the smart way to go. Curtis Plumbing is available 24/7 for those “middle of the night” emergencies.

Our Services Include

Blocked Drains

This is perhaps one of the most common plumbing problems, and it can have many different causes. Sometimes blocked drains are due to excessive hair or food and grease that have been poured down your kitchen sing. Blocked drains can also result from trying to flush large items such as diapers or sanitary pads.

Toilets and Taps

Water shut-offs Taps that leak can cause water to be wasted. While you may think they are just little drips, they add up to enormous amounts of water that raise your water bill and waste precious resources. Toilets or toilet tanks that do not seal properly and constantly have to refill, are also a cause for concern, as large amounts of water can be wasted there as well.

Tree Roots

This problem has to do with drain/sewer pipes. Sewer lines can be blocked due to tree roots that get into the pipe. As the trees grow, they look for water, and the roots will get thicker and longer as they invade the sewer pipe. Getting rid of these roots can be huge task. Curtis Plumbing can use their equipment to cut out the roots. An additional method to fight the roots is to use a foaming herbicides, which kills the invading roots, but does not harm the plant itself. This product will prevent re-growth for up to one year.

Rusted Water Systems

Water pipes can become rusted by normal wear and tear throughout the passing years. Old galvanized pipes, faulty poly bute pipes, and metal drain lines frequently leak and need to be repaired or replaced.