Let’s face it, low water pressure is the worst. If you are a homeowner or a renter and have to deal with low water pressure every morning you should speak with one of our qualified technicians about this simple upgrade to your home’s water supply. The solution to low water pressure can be a multitude of things from faulty fixtures to the actual piping of your home. Curtis Plumbing each one of our trucks is equipped with a video camera inspection tool to best find and fix your issue. This is one of the reasons choosing Curtis Plumbing is the right choice. We are prepared to best understand your issue ahead of any actual work so that we can solve the problem efficiently and correctly.

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How To Increase Water Pressure

Low water pressure can come from many different issues. A few of these include faulty piping which can occur from roots or a blockage to your main water pipes to your home. Low pressure can even occur from faucets and valves attached to your bathroom, sink, or hose. These issues are why consulting a professional plumber is important when searching for a solution to your water pressure issues. If your issue is faulty piping we can often solve the issue without having to dig them up to replace the piping to your home. Often cleaning and relining them is enough to experience an increase in your home’s water pressure.

It Could Be Part Of A Bigger Problem

If you are experiencing a drop in water pressure when there was none previously you should contact us immediately. The quick change in pressure could be the result of an in-ground leak that can cause damage to your foundation or home. Low pressure can occur from a major backup as well. In the case of an abrupt drop in water pressure, there may be a large blockage from a foreign object that did not come from normal sources like calcium build-up or tree roots. Don’t wait till it becomes a bigger issue. Ask an expert today how we can help.