The toilet flange may not be the most glamorous part of your bathroom, but it certainly plays a crucial role in maintaining a sanitary and functional restroom. This seemingly small component is responsible for securely connecting the toilet to the sewer pipe. At Curtis Plumbing, we understand the importance of installing and maintaining toilet flanges to the highest standards.

A correctly installed toilet flange ensures a tight seal and prevents leaks, reducing the chance of unpleasant odors or damage to your bathroom floor. Our team of skilled plumbers in Tucson, Arizona, is adept at ensuring your toilet flange is fitted perfectly. Whether you’re setting up a new bathroom or replacing an existing toilet, we work meticulously to secure a precise fit.

When it comes to toilet flanges, one size certainly does not fit all. Various factors like the type of toilet, the size of the drain pipe, and the construction of your bathroom floor can all affect the type of flange needed. That’s why we custom tailor our approach for each installation, considering all these aspects to select the best flange for your specific situation.

But our services don’t stop at installation. If your existing toilet flange is broken, damaged, or worn out, we can replace it quickly and efficiently. Our plumbers are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to remove old flanges and install new ones with minimal disruption.

At Curtis Plumbing, we take the seemingly minor tasks seriously because we know they have a significant impact on the overall functionality of your home. We don’t just want to do a job; we want to do it right. So, for reliable toilet flange installation and replacement services, trust the experts. Call us at 520-323-7697 today. Remember, even the smallest details matter when it comes to your plumbing system.