Garbage Disposal Installation Service Tucson

Curtis plumbing offers garbage disposal installation services to all of the Tucson areas. We also offer a wide variety of disposal unit options. If you want to upgrade your disposal to two-sink disposal, have the perfect unit picked out, or need to replace a broken unit we can help to install it and make the upgrade. Garbage disposal installation is a straightforward process and in most cases, the unit can be repaired before a new installation is needed. Call us to speak with a professional and find out what your options are. 

Garbage disposal installation cost

The installation cost of individual units can vary depending on the specifics of the job. One of the biggest factors that can influence the installation of a new unit is the cost of the actual unit itself. For the vast majority of cases, the time spent to install a unit is pretty consistent, but because of the variable cost of the unit prices can range between $80 to $800. Not all these units are made equal and we will help you to pick the best one for your home. 

Best Garbage Disposal Brands

The term “Best” is relative to your individual needs. We would recommend very different disposal for a commercial kitchen than for a loft apartment. For brands, we can recommend InSink and Whirlpool as solid choices for a normal home without commercial needs. Each of these brands has many different models to choose from as well so there are options to best fit your individual needs. Many models offered by these brands can also be used for commercial sinks as well. 

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Garbage Disposal Services 

Curtis Plumbing offers many different services related to your garbage disposal. Often if your unit stops working it is possible to repair the unit in place of replacing the garbage disposal altogether. Disposal units are often very robust and can function for many years with proper care. We find that in most cases when disposal is working poorly it is in need of repair or maintenance.