Water Heater Installation Service

Water heater installation can be necessary if your broken or malfunctioning water heater causing a cold shower? The experts at Curtis Plumbing can help. Our Tucson plumbers are water heater installation experts. We have over 40 years of experience serving Tucson, Arizona with their water heater, plumbing, and septic needs

Installation Process

When your water heater is leaking then it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The good news is that in most cases your water heater can be replaced within a day and they tend to last between 15 and 20 years. If your heater is old, damaged, or not big enough for your needs, an expert plumber can be over at your house in no time to solve your issue. There are different types of water heaters, one of which uses natural gas. Always contact experienced professionals before beginning any job that involves natural gas. 

Is It Time For A New Water Heater?

It is easy to answer this question when your water heater is broken, but if you’d like to prevent cold showers then look for a few of these warning signs. If you discover any of these issues then your heater might be at the end of its life and you are in need of our water heater installation service.

Water Heater Problems

  1. A Trail of Rusty Water Can Be Seen on the Tubing. This is a sign of a slow leak and means that the steel tank has become rusted through and will rupture soon. 
  2. No Hot Water. No hot water or only warm water are signs of a broken heating element. It can also mean that the element will break soon if not. It is also a possibility that the heater’s thermostat may not be functioning properly. 
  3. Colored Water. If you notice colored water it may be a broken drain valve. This will cause corrosion and rust. 
  4. Hot Water Running Out Fast. This means you might need a bigger water heater. 60-80 gallon water heaters make ideal units for families with over 5 members?
  5. Leaking Water Heater. If you notice that your water heater is constantly leaking water, it may be time to call for an expert’s opinion.

Size Guide for Water Heaters

To tank or not to tank? A tankless water heater can be more expensive initially but will provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water. Tankless units use coils to heat water meaning there is always a supply to your home. The only downside is that modern units can only handle ~10 gallons a minute and for reference, most showers flow at around 2 gallons per minute so for a small family or home this can be a perfect solution. Storage tanks, on the other hand, have a lower cost, but only supply a limited amount of water. Having a larger tank will fix this problem. A good rule of thumb is 30 gallons per 2 people. So a family of 4 should be very comfortable with a 60-gallon unit, but could also get by with a slightly smaller one.  

Rusting Water Heater