Modern Fixture Installations: Enhance Your Space’s Aesthetics and Functionality

Are you looking to upgrade your home or business premises with modern plumbing fixtures? Would you like to remodel your kitchen or bathroom and give it a new look? Talk to us! Our team of plumbing experts at Curtis Plumbing offers the best new fixture installation services in Tucson, Arizona. We have been in the plumbing business for close to 50 years, and have remodeled countless homes for our clients.

Besides our quality workmanship, we offer personalized services for all your plumbing needs. If you are considering modern fixtures for your home, you will be in good hands if you choose us. With our expertise and experience, you can rely on us to help you choose fixtures that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

When to Consider New Plumbing Fixtures

Some plumbing fixtures can last for decades before they need replacement. But, with improved interior designs and technology, your plumbing fixture may start to look outdated. Some of the situations that may show you need to replace your plumbing fixtures include:

  • Your fixture is leaking or faulty. For instance, faulty bathroom fixtures like sinks, showerheads, bathtubs, and faucets.
  • Your plumbing fixture is outdated. You may need to replace them with fixtures that are modern and efficient.
  • Your fixture is no longer aesthetically appealing. Interior designs continue to emerge and your fixture no longer meets your ‘beauty’ standards. Consider replacing it.
  • Your fixture is old, stained, or worn. When a fixture doesn’t work as it used to due to tear and wear, then you need to replace it.
  • You may also consider new plumbing fixtures if you are remodeling your space. For instance, if you are remodeling your kitchen to increase its size, you may consider new fixtures for the space.

The Benefits of Modern Fixture Installations

Whether it is for your bathroom or kitchen, new and modern plumbing fixtures offer several advantages, including:

  1. They are energy efficient. Global warming and related concepts have made manufacturers intentional about having energy-efficient products. Modern plumbing fixtures are more efficient than older models in conserving energy and water. They can help you save hundreds of dollars in water, electricity, and gas power bills.
  2. They are automated for improved functionality. Modern fixture installations are technologically advanced and have improved functionality. They have upgrades and automation that have made life easy for many people. Appliances like the washing machine and the dishwasher have automation features that have made them safe to operate even for kids. There are now comfort-height toilets for convenience use.
  3. No plumbing emergencies. Old plumbing fixtures are likely to unexpectedly malfunction or fail and lead to plumbing emergencies. The emergencies can be annoying and inconvenient. But, modern fixture installations give you peace of mind as you don’t have to deal with persistent issues and plumbing emergencies.
  4. They have better aesthetics. Besides being feature-rich, modern fixture installations come in attractive designs and colors. You can also personalize or customize them to blend with the interior décor of your home. They give your home a fresh beautiful look.
  5. They increase the value of your home. Even if you are not looking to sell your home, modern fixtures increase the market value of your home. If you are looking to sell, the modern fixtures can be a huge selling point.

Why You Need a Professional to Install the Modern Fixtures

If you engage a non-professional to install new fixtures for you or you make it a do-it-yourself project, you risk damaging the new fixture installations in the process. You risk scratching or even cracking some of these features and incur losses even before you use the plumbing fixtures. For instance, you could end up with a leaking new showerhead.

Go the full mile and hire a professional plumber to install the new modern fixtures for you. Some of the common reasons why you should have a professional install the new fixtures for you include:

  • A professional plumber will install the plumbing fixture using the right tools for the job.

There are specific tools for every kind of plumbing job, and using the wrong ones may compromise the quality of work. A non-professional may not know this or may not have the right tools for the job.

At Curtis Plumbing we have skilled and experienced professionals and a collection of the right tools. You can rely on us to help install your fixtures the right way.

  • A professional plumber helps maintain the manufacturer’s warranty

Most manufacturers do not cover repairs or replace fixtures installed by someone who is not a licensed plumber. You risk losing your warranty benefits by letting a non-professional install your new plumbing fixtures. Before a manufacturer replaces a faulty fixture, they want to be sure that the product failed to work because of a genuine defect and not because of incorrect installation.

  • Helps avoid added repair costs

If you or a non-professional install a fixture incorrectly or damage it, you still end up requiring a professional to repair the fixture and install it. It ends up costing you more money in repairs.

  • Helps avoid damaging other fixtures

Even if a non-professional doesn’t damage the new fixture they are installing for you, they may end up damaging related fixtures. For instance, if they are installing a faucet, they are likely to damage adjoining pipes or the sink during installation. A professional plumber is conversant with all fixtures and will install the new fixture without damaging others.

Let the Tucson Plumbing Experts Install Your Modern Fixtures

If you are considering enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your home or business space by installing modern fixtures, let the expert do it for you. We will inspect your existing fixtures and advise on the replacement needs depending on your needs and budget.

By choosing our services, you will be choosing 45+ years of plumbing experience and expertise. You will also be choosing professional, honest, and well-qualified technicians. We guarantee fast and efficient services. Whether you need a complete remodeling of your space or you are replacing a few fixtures, you can rely on us to get the job done efficiently and timely.