The requirements you need to fulfill and the needs you need to check when buying a home can be overwhelming. Whether they are mandatory or out of caution, these actions are crucial in ensuring you get a properly functioning home. One such checkup is sewer line inspection.

It is important to have a plumber regularly check or inspect your home’s sewer line for potential problems. Similarly, sewer line inspection before buying a home is essential as it can influence your buying decisions. You can request a repair or negotiate for a lower price. Sewer line inspection can help you save thousands of dollars in future repairs.

At Curtis Plumbing, we have offered sewer line inspection, diagnosing, and troubleshooting services for homeowners and homebuyers across Arizona for over 40 years. We use advanced technology to diagnose and inspect all kinds of sewer and drain issues. We are committed to high-quality work and you can rely on us for reliable and affordable services.

Why Are Sewer Line Inspections Necessary?

  1. Preventative maintenance. A sewer line is a crucial part of your home’s plumbing system hence the need to ensure it is functional. Inspections help detect and fix small issues before they disrupt your day-to-day living.
  2. Avoid costly repairs and property damage. Early detection of issues helps avoid costly future repairs and potential damage to your plumbing system and adjoining home appliances and fixtures. This is critical for homebuyers.
  3. Sewer line inspection helps improve the efficiency and safety of your plumbing system. A sewer line that has no defects is efficient.

Unlike basic plumbing fixtures like sinks and tubs, sewer lines are out of sight. It can be hard to know whether they are defective or not. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional plumber to inspect and help you decide on the integrity of a home’s plumbing system before buying the property.

You are likely to overlook some common plumbing issues without a proper sewer line inspection, including partial blockages, poor installation, pipe deterioration, pipe failures, and tree roots in the sewer lines. Let our Marana sewer line inspection specialist detect these and many other issues for you and help you make an informed home-buying decision.

Signs You Need a Sewer Line Inspection

Whether you already own the home or are a potential buyer, there are some warning signs you need a sewer line inspection for the home. The common warning signs include;

  • Frequent drain clogs or slow drains
  • Unpleasant odors from your drains or yard
  • Unexplained patches of lush grass or soggy areas in the yard
  • Gurgling noises from pipes

If you have experienced any of these signs, it means your sewer line has an issue and you need to fix it. However, you can only confirm the type of plumbing problem and how to fix it through a sewer line inspection.

You may not have a chance to identify these signs as a potential home buyer. However, you should insist on a sewer inspection if the property you want to buy has these characteristics:

  • Older home. If the house was built more than 20 years ago, its sewer line is likely in need of repair or replacement, especially if it’s without regular maintenance. Much older homes, including those built in the 1950s, may still have clay sewer lines that are susceptible to cracks. You need a sewer line inspection to confirm the condition of the plumbing system.
  • Trees in the front or back yard. Since tree roots are one of the main causes of sewer line damage, a sewer line inspection is necessary for homes with trees in the front/back yard to ensure the sewer line is not damaged.
  • Lush green patches in the yard. Damaged plumbing systems release sewer water into the yard. The leaked sewer water fertilizes the grass near the sewer lines or septic tank. If you notice lush patches of grass in the yard but not in other areas, it can be a warning sign of a sewer or septic leak. Confirm the integrity of the plumbing system with a sewer line inspection.

Our team of experts at Curtis Plumbing has the skills and the right tools to detect and fix all types of sewer line issues. Schedule a comprehensive sewer line inspection with us today.

Our Sewer Line Inspection Process

The advantage of having our sewer line inspection experts at Curtis Plumbing do your inspection is that we have a comprehensive process that detects all kinds of sewer line issues. Our sewer line inspection includes the following steps:

Step 1: Initial consultation and assessment. The step involves getting all the information we need including the structure of the plumbing system. We then insert a small camera into the sewer line for initial assessment.

Step 2: After initial assessment, we use advanced technology, including video camera inspections to confirm the pipe’s conditions and identify any related defects or damage.

Step 3: The next step involves providing a detailed report and analysis of the condition of the property’s sewer line.

Step 4: Recommendations. Once we finish the sewer line inspection, including analysis of the report and video recording, we recommend repairs, maintenance, or replacements if necessary.

Partner With Us for Your Marana Sewer Line Inspection Needs

Whether you need sewer line inspection as part of your plumbing system maintenance routine or for a house you want to buy, you can rely on our experienced and certified sewer line inspectors at Curtis Plumbing. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide high-quality solutions for our customers.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we tailor our services to your needs, including budgetary and emergency response needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services.