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In plumbing, quality workmanship is everything. Here at Curtis Plumbing, besides offering high-quality services, we also fix your plumbing problems quickly and affordably. With our 24/7 emergency services, our Tucson plumbers at Curtis Plumbing are always on standby to help you whenever you call. 

As a full-service Tucson plumbing company, we have served Southern Arizona residents and the neighboring areas for over four decades. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, including emergency plumbing, diagnosing services, scheduled maintenance, and repairs and replacements. Call us today for affordable quality work and a faster response to all your plumbing needs.

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Diagnosing Tucson Plumbing Malfunctions

When it comes to diagnosing your plumbing problems, we are ahead of the competition. Our competent and licensed Tucson plumbers have the experience to diagnose all types of plumbing malfunctions including, suspected water line leakages, drainage issues, and blockages. 

Call us if you smell mildew or spot signs of mold in your floors, walls, or ceilings. We will identify and fix all your plumbing malfunctions as quickly as possible. However, to stay in the best running conditions and avoid common plumbing malfunctions, your home needs regular plumbing maintenance.

Tucson Plumbing Maintenance

Our Tucson plumbing maintenance services ensure that pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing appliances, including your washing machines and water heaters, work efficiently. Regular maintenance help avoids issues like loose faucets, gas leaks, broken toilet seats, and blocked sewer lines. 

At Curtis Plumbing, we recommend having a Tucson plumber inspect your pipes and water system at least once a year. With our scheduled maintenance and inspection services, we save you time and money by detecting plumbing problems before they become bigger and costly to fix. 

As part of the scheduled maintenance, we will do a multipoint inspection of your property’s plumbing system to identify potential issues or safety hazards. We train our plumbers to look out for opportunities to improve the quality of your home or property’s plumbing system.

Some of the areas we inspect during scheduled maintenance include the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, faucets, water heater, washing machine, and any other plumbing areas or features in need of assessment. 

Typically, plumbing maintenance is not just a visual inspection of your plumbing system. You need to engage a professional to conduct a full inspection of your plumbing system. While there are many Tucson plumbers, it is advisable to have an expert plumber inspect and evaluate your plumbing system. With our extensive skills and decades of experience, we are Tucson’s leading expert plumbers.

We Handle Your Repairs

Even with regular maintenance, you may still have to deal with plumbing-related emergencies, including broken toilet seats or leaking pipes. With our 24/7 emergency services, we handle your plumbing-related issues in the shortest time possible. You can rely on our skilled Tucson Plumbers to inspect, identify and repair the plumbing problem to your satisfaction. Whether you are looking for emergency plumbing services or you need to fix a recurrent plumbing problem, we are here for you. Call us for quality and professional plumbing services.

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You do not need to spend a lot of money on plumbing repairs and fixture replacements. Here at Curtis Plumbing, we provide affordable and high-quality emergency plumbing and preventive maintenance services. With our expert services, we aim to ensure that your plumbing system is not only in its best working condition, but it stays that way for as long as possible. Call us today for emergency plumbing services, suspected plumbing malfunctions, and plumbing maintenance services. Our skilled and experienced Tucson plumbers are on standby to fix your plumbing problems.